Flaming-point: 06-23-22nd Year

174th Day

The 6th Month of the 22nd Year!


1st Day Of The Week, Which is Called Sunday!


Join the ranks of Righteousness!  Become a “Flaming Fire!”

10:15 am

Your Will Be Done!

This is Your Day!  It is not as I will, but as You will!  What You want!  Thank You for the rest and the renewing!  Thank You for the joy and not being offended if people do not receive Your Word!  I know that it is a choice for everyone.  We do not impose our will on others.  We speak it, and they have a choice to accept or deny.  We are not rulers and masters over others, and we do not force our opinions and beliefs on others.  But I know that those, who are ruled by evil spirits do try to force us and impose their will on us!  They demand and try to dictate.  But I am ruled by One and that is the Lord God Almighty!  I am Yours, because You bought me with a high price and it is a joy to be owned and loved by You!  It is not like a slave, who despises his master, who purchased him and abuses him.  It is a love relationship that You picked me up, cleaned me off and brought me into Your House to be one with You!  That is awesome to me!  So because You saved me, now we also remember those who are bound and offer freedom to them too!  We help as we have been helped! 

Thank You for the Life that You have given us!  It is a beautiful day in Beaumont, Texas, after all the thunderstorms!  The sky is blue and there are white clouds in the sky again!  The birds are back out singing today!  Thank You for the joy and the time You give to us!

I have not been remembering dreams lately, which is strange to me, because I know that I do dream a lot!

Thank You for removing the opposition from whatever was happening to both of my i7 computers!  I rebuked the opposition, and I have not neglected the praise!  I do my part and the Angels do their part!  I do not know what happened, but I thank You for the protection of my equipment that I have to work with!


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